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Vue sur la Vallée de l'Asse
  • Vue sur la Vallée de l'Asse
  • Sentinelle Andy Goldsworthy à Tartonne
  • Eglise de Tartonne
  • Village de Tartonne

Huddled at the bottom of a valley where one of the Asse rivers rises, in the Geology Reserve of Haute-Provence, the village is proud of its religious heritage. Its listed Historical Monuments: the church of Notre-Dame d’Entraigues (12th century) and the chapel of Saint-Jean Baptiste.

The village also has some natural curiosities such as the saltwater well, as well as more contemporary ones like « La Sentinelle », a work by Andy Goldsworthy.

Moreover, Tartonne is an ideal stop on the hiking itinerary of the Grande Traversée des Préalpes, and for mountain-bikers on the “Chemins du Soleil” (Sisteron-Nice).

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